The use of medical marijuana has always been a hot topic for discussion. The use of medical marijuana is on rise in the US as people all across the US are discussing about the use of medical marijuana at workplace. Corporations in the US have already created workplace policies regarding the use of conventional medications and corporations are thinking about the impact of medical marijuana on employees while at work.

Use of Medical Marijuana at Workplace

Most of the people still hold the conservative views on the medical use of marijuana because many of the people still have no idea what medical marijuana is all about. Both employers and employees have certain responsibilities towards each other. These responsibilities must be respected by each other and should be satisfactorily met as both parties must communicate well for making medical marijuana work at the workplace.

Normally, doctors prescribe the use of marijuana as a medicine to help various symptoms. Having a prescription is the best proof that someone is taking marijuana as medicine because they can’t be sacked from their job just because they are taking marijuana. According to the law, patients with prescription must be considered.

As discussed, a prescription does not mean permission for impairment at work. Employers must review their drug and alcohol policies in order to define how it fits for work and what should be considered as an impairment. Guidelines must be established for the use of medical marijuana at workplace such as when it should be reported and how company will accommodate the medical requirement of their employees. The policies must be clear and transparent. The employees must be able to understand that their medical needs won’t have any negative impact on their employment.

How Employees Help Themselves?

Employees should get in touch with their employer and discuss their medical needs. Employees must show their prescription as proof. Employees on the other hand should be willing to accept the modified work conditions such as number of hours or the duties allocated to them in order to compensate their employers.

Something else for both sides to consider is the manner by which the marijuana is being taken. A no smoking working environment stays pays little attention to a remedy for medicinal marijuana. In such cases the worker ought to consider vaporization or ingesting their marijuana as oil. For a few patients it is important to utilize their medicinal marijuana outside from the working environment (i.e. before bed), which makes it less likely to affect work.

The use of medical marijuana at work place might become conspicuous if both employees and employers co-ordinate and respect each others’ views for a better, conducive result.

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