Medical marijuana

It’s a well-known fact that medical marijuana can treat cognitive impairment and many other medical conditions. Medical marijuana users swear by its efficacy and healing properties. According to the users of medical marijuana, it’s the best remedy which also offers peripheral benefits. One such benefit of using medical marijuana is “improved sleep”. Yes, medical marijuana also treats sleep disorders.

Medical marijuana

What are Sleep Disorders?

The disruptions in normal sleeping patterns are known as sleep disorders. Following are some of the common sleep disorders–

  • Insomnia
  • It’s known to majority of people. When people find it difficult to fall or stay asleep, they are said to be insomniac. People go through sleepless nights which are not a healthy sign at all. There can be multiple reasons underlying for insomnia and the major ones are unhealthy sleep habits, biological factors like sinus, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, asthma etc.

  • Sleep Apnea
  • It is a chronic condition that interrupts the sound sleep. In sleep apnea, people go through one or more pauses while asleep due to breathing issues, airway blockage and less supply of oxygen to the brain and rest of the body during sleep.

  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • In this disorder, people have the urge to move their legs. It disturbs the sleep. People feel uncomfortable sensation in their legs and “itchy” or “creepy crawly” in their legs.

  • Narcolepsy
  • Prominent signs of narcolepsy are hallucinations, sleep paralysis and excessive sleepiness. In some cases, it also causes episodes of cataplexy. People get irresistible and sudden bouts of sleep during normal working hours.

    Sleep disorders adversely impacts one’s health. Irregularities in sleep decreases the physical performance, alertness and impairs cognitive and memory power. Besides, people with sleep disorders are more prone to automobile/road mishaps and their relationships with their partner also get affected.

How Medical Marijuana Helps

  1. Affects the Sleep Cycle
  2. Medical marijuana slightly affects the first two stages of the sleep cycle but drastically impacts the third stage (slow wave sleep) and fourth stage (rapid eye movement) of the sleep.

  3. Sedative Effect on the Brain
  4. Medical marijuana helps induce sleep. The increased dosage results in longer sleep. The proper dosage of THC reduces sleep interruptions and increases the sleep duration. It accelerates the time taken by people to go to sleep and extends the third stage of sleep cycle. Medical marijuana reduces the fourth stage (REM) of the sleep cycle.

  5. No Deadly Side Effects
  6. Unlike sleeping pills, medical marijuana does not pose any threat to health. Sleeping pills can prove to be fatal if taken incorrectly. Its high dosage interferes with breathing which might result in even death of the patient. Whereas, high dosage of medical marijuana results in better sleep. Sleeping pills’ side effects can be witnessed next day when you feel drowsy and fatigued. There are no such side effects of medical marijuana.

    The points mentioned above support the use of medical marijuana as a cure for sleep related disorders. It will be a wise decision to consult a trusted marijuana doctor before its intake for treating any of your sleep related problems.

    4th Street Medical is a well-known and trusted medical marijuana doctor in Santa Ana, California. We can provide a good consultation over the use of medical marijuana for curing sleep disorders. For more information, please call us at (714) 599-7970.

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    Ray Boroumand is the Office Manager of 4th Street Medical, a leading Orange County medical marijuana evaluation clinic. An advocate for medical marijuana, Ray believes in making the process as simple and easy for patients as possible through quick and convenient verification. At 4th Street Medical, he stresses convenience, affordability and transparency 100% of the time.

Marijuana Benefits

Medical marijuana has shown promise in treating a multitude of health conditions. With over 20 states choosing to legalize the drug, it is being discovered that medical marijuana offers more benefits than previously thought.

With more people exploring their options, the number of conditions medical marijuana benefit is continually growing. More studies are being performed to find out how effective marijuana can be at treating major illnesses.

Medical Marijuana-Health Benefits
The 10 health benefits of medical marijuana include:

  1. Epilepsy
  2. It may help to control and possibly prevent seizures caused by epilepsy and other seizure disorders such as Dravet syndrome.

  3. Glaucoma
  4. It can be used to effectively treat glaucoma and prevent it from worsening.

  5. Anxiety
  6. It may be able to reduce the severity of anxiety and other panic disorders allowing the person to remain calm.

  7. Alzheimer’s Disease
  8. THC may be able to slow down or lessen the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  9. Cancer
  10. Chemical components found in medical marijuana may be able to slow down or stop the growth of cancer cells and stop them from metastasizing.

  11. Multiple Sclerosis and ALS
  12. It can be used as an effective pain relieve for patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and ALS.

  13. Muscle Spasms
  14. It helps to effectively control muscle spasms associated with injuries.

  15. Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  16. Medical marijuana may be able to lessen the severity and pain of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, such as IBS and Crohn’s disease.

  17. PTSD
  18. Medical marijuana may help to control the symptoms of PTSD by relieving anxiety and reducing stress that is heightened by individual triggers.

  19. Parkinson’s Disease
  20. Components in medical marijuana help to calm the tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease and other disorders where there is uncontrollable shaking.

    Ray Boroumand is the Office Manager of 4th Street Medical, a leader in providing evaluations for medical marijuana in Orange County. An advocate for medical marijuana, Ray believes in making the process as simple and easy for patients as possible through quick and convenient verification. At 4th Street Medical, he stresses convenience, affordability and transparency 100% of the time and advises patients on how to get a medical marijuana card in California.