Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis can help treat numerous ailments and has the power to cure certain serious diseases. But patients with medical marijuana card need to educate themselves a little about two main varieties of marijuana i.e. Indica and Sativa. Understanding their differences will help in making the right decision while choosing the weed.

Medical Cannabis

There are several types of medical marijuana available to average user and a wrong choice of weed can have side effects that can worsen your health. So it becomes very important to find the right type of medical weed that will cure your pain in the best way.

Here we discuss about two major varieties of marijuana and list out their differences in detail.

  • Indica: Indica is known for its alleviating feel. Instead of giving the feel of ‘getting high’, it tranquillizes your pain with its sedative properties.

  • Sativa: Sativa is known for giving cerebral high and boosting up your mood. It has its effects on mental conditions.

Both the varieties of medical cannabis have healing effects in their own way and differentiating between them is not that hard.

Below are few points that will help distinguish between Indica and Sativa.

Shape of Leaves:

The first difference that can be noticed between indica and sativa plant is the shape of their leaves.

  • Indica: Leaves of indica plant are quite broad and wide.

  • Sativa: Leaves of sativa plant are narrow, sleek and slender.

  • However, different strains have been bred with a hybrid of sativa and indica, so those leaves may exhibit different shapes.

Size of Plant:

Another visible difference between indica and sativa is the plant size. If you ever happen to see a marijuana field it will take you second to distinguish indica and sativa.

  • Indica: It’s the one that is dense but doesn’t grow more than 3-4 ft of height.

  • Sativa: Sativa is comparatively bigger plant that can go upto the height of 20 ft.

Place of origin:

Today Marijuana plants have spread globally but basically the places of origin for Indica and sativa are different.

  • Indica: Indica has its origin in the Middle East also known as Hindu Kush region, perhaps this is why it’s called Indica. Turkey, Afghanistan and Morocco are few places known for the original source of indica plants.

  • Sativa: Places near equator like Thailand, Mexico, Colombia and Southeast Asia are the believed to be the origin of Sativa plants.


  • Indica: Indica tastes sweet just like sugary berries such as strawberries.

  • Sativa: Sativa has an earthy flavor that tastes somewhat like pine.

Treatment of illness:

  • Indica: Indica has amazing effects on physical ailments and works effectively in relieving chronic aches and pains. Moreover, it has sleep-inducing effects too that help patients in relaxing and getting enough rest. It also helps in treating insomnia and anxiety related illness.

  • Sativa: Unlike indica, sativa has no effects on physical pain related ailments. It shows amazing results for treating mental conditions like depression, mood disorders and chronic fatigue related issues. It also helps in stimulating appetite and instills with energy.

These are the differences between typical indica and sativa varieties of medical cannabis. But today there are hundreds of hybrid strains available that can help in treating various types of illness. These strains are either sativa dominant or indica dominant.

Popular indica dominant strains are Purple Kush, Master Kush, Romulan, Dtuch Treat, Blueberry etc.

Popular sativa dominant strains are Haze, Kali mist, Willie Nelson, Jack Herer and many more.

Ray Boroumand is the Office Manager of 4th Street Medical, a leader in providing evaluations for medical marijuana in Santa Ana. An advocate for medical marijuana, Ray believes in making the process as simple and easy for patients as possible through quick and convenient verification. At 4th Street Medical, he stresses convenience, affordability and transparency 100% of the time.