Medical marijuana use is common in many states, and as you read this, other places will be working on legalizing marijuana for recreational use along with those that have already approved it. However, we’re still learning a lot about the positive benefits of marijuana and how it might really be even better for some people than we think.
Medical MarijuanaWhy? A new study shows that people who smoke marijuana may actually have a lower risk of committing suicide in their lifetime. That might seem like a surprising and even shocking finding, but the research bares it out.

The Study
According to a study conducted and published by independent think-tank The Cato Institute, individuals who smoke marijuana for medical purposes are about five-percent less likely to commit suicide than people who live in states where medical marijuana is still outlawed. While this study was conducted solely on people smoking marijuana for medical purposes, many people believe the same findings would be obvious if conducted on individuals who smoked for recreation reasons.

People of a variety of ages seem to have a reduced suicide rate when smoking medical marijuana, but the biggest numbers are those of males between the ages of 20 and 40. The suicide rate among these men seemed to be drastically reduced when medical marijuana came into play to help them manage a disease or chronic condition.

What Does It Mean?
For many people, this study is just more evidence that every state needs to be providing medical marijuana for people that needs it – not just liberal states that are on the forefront of this issue. It also means that many people believe marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes too, and this research just shows more of its benefits. Wherever you stand, a lower suicide rate is ideal.

Ray Boroumand is the Office Manager of 4th Street Medical, a leader in providing evaluations for medical marijuana in Santa Ana. An advocate for medical marijuana, Ray believes in making the process as simple and easy for patients as possible through quick and convenient verification. At 4th Street Medical, he stresses convenience, affordability and transparency 100% of the time.

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