Recent scientific discoveries have once again challenged the federal government’s view that cannabis is a dangerous substance and does not have any therapeutic effects. Here is a look at some of the recent developments involving the topic of medical marijuana.

Marijuana with Alcohol Is a Rare Combination According to recent data, consumers of medical marijuana do not regularly mix alcohol and marijuana toget...Continue reading


The opioid painkiller epidemic is causing a substantial number of drug overdoses. Recent statistics show a record of almost 50,000 overdose deaths in the US, with the majority of those being opioid related. In New Hampshire, this issue is so problematic that it has become the residents’ primary concern, ahead of issues such as the economy. Many lawmakers feel that a potential solution to the problem is legalizing medical mari...Continue reading

In California, there are very few regulations that pertain to how medical marijuana is taxed during its growth or sale. Many counties and cities have banned the growth and sale of medical marijuana. Although legislators and medical marijuana supporters believe the tax revenues generated by its sale could be in the millions of dollars, it is often being left up to the voters as to whether marijuana based products will be allowed to be sold in c...Continue reading

When you talk about marijuana and medical marijuana with people outside of the system, they often speak about the negative effects of THC. Adverse effects are all some people talk about when dealing with the subjects of marijuana and medical marijuana. The thing is though, alcohol causes many more adverse effects, and that substance is legal for everybody over the age of 21 to buy and use all over the United States.

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Marijuana laws are steadily changing now that pot myths have been debunked and scientists have found that it has legitimate medical uses. A new proposal for the 2016 legislation session in Florida may open the door for terminally ill patients to use medical marijuana. Florida, already enacted a law in 2014 that allows for limited cannabis use for people who have a medical marijuana card. Meanwhile, 23 other states in the Unite...Continue reading

5 Benefits of Medical Marijuana over Pharmaceutical Drugs

Since its legalization, medical marijuana has proven itself to be effective for pain relief as well as a variety of other symptoms associated with chronic illnesses. Studies have been conducted over the past several years that prove medical marijuana has significant health benefits when compared to other medications that can cause other issues.

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