In recent years, major breakthroughs for treating various diseases have made headlines, at least in the medical industry, regarding cannabis oil. While scientists are just beginning to learn how important this medicinal extract from the cannabis plant is, new discoveries for treating illnesses have accelerated with the decriminalization of marijuana in nearly half the United States.

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Medical Marijuana

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which affects 40% of the adults in America as per the American Sleep Association. Out of this percentage, 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. Therefore, with so many people experiencing sleeping disorders, there’s been a rise of interest towards using medical marijuana as an effective treatment. That’s because studies have shown that medical marijuana can help people fall asleep more easily with little or no s...Continue reading

Medical Ethics

All physicians must follow a code of ethics in an attempt to give each and every patient the highest quality of care possible. This means obeying the law as well as using whatever tools they have available to them. While some treatment plans are controversial, their benefits should be recognized along with the doctor’s ability to provide adequate treatment.

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