New vending machine: ZaZZZ Colorado has taken the lead in ushering in commercial marijuana, as it becomes the first state to introduce medical marijuana vending machines. The first of its kind, ZaZZZ is the name of a new vending machine that will not be available for retailers and will only be found in licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. It was showcased at an event in Avon, Colorado in April 2014.

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Marijuana Industry

Consumption of marijuana has crossed the line from being marginally “acceptable” in the social stratosphere for medicinal purposes, to now being permissible for recreational use in at least two states (Washington and Colorado), with other states expected to follow suit. As medical (commercial) and recreational marijuana becomes more readily available and less likely to incur substantial legal woes, suppliers have migrated from back...Continue reading

Cannabis Alleviates

Even though clinical trials have shown a variety of outcomes, there is evidence from a recent observational study that cannabis can dramatically help relieve symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. The purpose of the open-label study was to observe the drug’s clinical effects on PD motor and non-motor symptoms. The following summary of the study reveals how cannabis can help certain PD patients.

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MS Treatment by Marijuana

The unpredictable disease The first diagnosis can come as early as 15 years of age and as late as 50. It can start with numbness of the hands and feet, bladder problems, fatigue and abnormal sensations. By the time it’s finished, it can leave its victims paralyzed, blind and in excruciating pain.

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Government Funding on Marijuana

Finally, it looks like the federal government is starting to come around. After wasting decades and blowing billions trying to prove how dangerous marijuana is to the American people, the federal government has taken a new course.

This past March, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it would allow researchers studying the positive effects of marijuana to reach into the government’s well-protected, federally ...Continue reading

Marijuana_Health Day

There is considerable stigma attached to marijuana as a medical or therapeutic treatment, despite the fact that a large number of states in the U.S. have now decriminalized it for medical use. With World Health Day fast approaching (on April 7th), perhaps it’s time to know more about medical marijuana and the benefits it can provide.

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Marijuana is Safe for Kids

Less than a decade ago, marijuana still carried the stigma of being an illegal substance that contributed to delinquency rates in youth, lethargic apathy in adults and a fierce bout of the munchies for users of any age. As states slowly began decriminalizing use of marijuana for medical purposes and it gained ground as a more legitimate treatment for a variety of illnesses and conditions, the natural progression of prescribing marijuana as an ...Continue reading

Marijuana Cultivation

Colorado legalized marijuana on January 1, 2014. During the first week of legalization, the state served thousands of customers, pulling in over $5 million in taxed and regulated sales. These booming sales have left marijuana salesmen scrambling to find ample warehouse space for growing their product. Not all Colorado municipalities allow marijuana farming. It means that areas where it is allowed are tight on suitable space, particularly Denve...Continue reading