Medical marijuana has been difficult to research due to federal restrictions on possession. Only certain institutions have been allowed to study the cannabis plant. A movement for a new amendment is blossoming, attracting both supporters and opponents of the plant, while calling for research that makes it easier for scientists to study its effects. Here are points that have been raised by the amendment to the 21st Century Cures Act.

What the Bill Means
This bill is meant to help accelerate new medicines, which includes the medical marijuana in the sense that it’s a new medicine in the new century, although it has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Credible research on the medical efficacy of cannabis is the ultimate goal of the amendment. It would also encourage the government agencies that oversee drug enforcement to work with the marijuana researchers. The House of Representatives is now debating the issue.
If the bill passes then marijuana will be considered a subcategory (Schedule I-R) of a Schedule 1 drug. In other words, it will still be classified as a dangerous narcotic, but it may be easier for scientists to be granted permission to study it.

Medical Benefits Attract Supporters
The main argument that’s driving the decriminalization of marijuana for researchers is essentially the plant’s medical benefits. It is now being used to treat many different common ailments across several states. The amendment is sponsored by Representatives Sam Farr (D-Ca), Earl Blumenauer (D-Or), Morgan Griffith (R-Va) and Andy Harris (R-Md).

Tom Angell, chairman of pro-pot group Marijuana Majority, has stated that all the group is asking for is that marijuana laws be based on science and fairness. Angell also views the Schedule I classification as inappropriate. Somehow, with the help of the Obama Administration, states are deciding the future of marijuana.

Ray Boroumand is the Office Manager of 4th Street Medical, a leader in providing evaluations for medical marijuana in Santa Ana. An advocate for medical marijuana, Ray believes in making the process as simple and easy for patients as possible through quick and convenient verification. At 4th Street Medical, he stresses convenience, affordability and transparency 100% of the time.

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