The demand for medical marijuana could potentially become a new multi- million dollar industry in Maryland, leading to hundreds of new jobs, according to recent economic predictions. Economists predict that as the population gets older, the demand for medical marijuana will continue to grow.

The market has grown substantially in the US over the last few years. A total of 23 states, along with Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana for medical use along with another seven states having pending laws on the matter.

In regards to Maryland, there is an understanding that jobs will be created as 15 cultivation licenses are issued, and two dispensaries in each of the 47 senatorial districts are established. These channels will lead to an economic boost.

Green Thumb Industries, one of the most successful medical growers in the Midwest, is looking at taking their business to Maryland, though that has not been confirmed. Green Thumb Industries did say that they are very excited about the potential in the Maryland market.

The Marijuana market in Maryland will be regulated intensely. The state plans to focus heavily on regulation and security beginning every time that a company submits an application for a cultivation or dispensary license. There is a risk for dishonesty and corruption, however some economist also point out that the same could be said for many government sanctioned business activities. Overall the Maryland marijuana market is seen as a positive, due to its appeal to many economic strengths in the state, such as agriculture and health care.

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