A traumatic brain injury happens when you receive a severe blow or jolt to the head, and this head injury is so penetrating that it disrupts the function of the brain. Itcan also result in short or long-term problems with independent function.Causes of a traumatic brain injury include violence, falls, and vehicle accidents.


Traumatic brain injury can damage other places besides the brain, such as the scalp and skull. Brain trauma also causes secondary injury, which may not show up until days after the injury. This causes even more damage to the initial injury.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help
The human brain, along with that of many mammals, is filled with endocannabinoid receptors that play an integral part in regulating inflammatory responses and also have neuro-protective properties. These endocannabinoid receptors are further classified into three types. The CB1 receptors are the receptors that cause the psychoactive effects of marijuana. CB2 receptors help the brain’s anti-inflammatory cells. The third known type being the TRPV1 receptor is associated with cognitive, hormonal and other functions. When these types of receptors are activated, patients will have benefits. Studies have shown that medical marijuana helps as an anti oxidative agent for the brain and can also be used to help protect the central nervous system after it has been damaged.

The human brain also has a compound known as 2-AG, which is again a cannabinoid substance that produces a substance similar to what is found in marijuana. Thus, researches facilitate that the healing power of marijuana can help protect the brain during the healing process as well, after the first signs of trauma.

Other Benefits
Medical marijuana can benefit Alzheimer’s patients. It also has medicinal benefits for people who have Parkinson’s disease. Studies have also shown that medical marijuana can help slow down the aging process through stopping apoptosis, which kills the cells in our bodies. What more? Marijuana also helps patients dealing with opioid addiction.

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