Studies on the benefits of medical marijuana have increased in past years as more states consider legalizing its use. A recent study carried out by researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center has revealed a 24.8 percent annual decrease in the number of opiate overdoses in the states where medical marijuana has been legalized.

Researchers used controls in as many factors as they could in order to focus on the differences based simply on the legality of medical marijuana. While they admit more studies are needed to help verify the results, they are confident the results will be repeated.Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The why behind it
As our population ages, chronic pain is becoming more prevalent. The common pain medications require very little to cause overdose, and their addictive properties make it necessary to steadily increase doses. In one year’s time, 15,000 deaths from prescription pain reliever overdoses have been recorded, sixty percent of which were people who had legally obtained the medication. In contrast, marijuana has been in use for at least ten thousand years and there has never been a recorded death from overdose. This is because the amount of THC needed to overdose is up to 40,000 times higher than what is found in the typical marijuana joint.

Looking ahead
The researches into the medical benefits of marijuana are in the early years at this point and it is clear more studies need to be conducted. An exceedingly high number of the completed studies, however, have shown consistently positive results in favor of medical use of marijuana. This current study simply adds one more check on the positive side, a large one that can’t be easily ignored or brushed aside.

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