Medical Marijuana For Autism

Marijuana was demonized, but is now becoming accepted as a legitimate medicine for many different illnesses and disorders, including autism. This does not mean, however, that marijuana is a proven cure for anything, since much of the research on the plant has been limited or suppressed.

Very few definitive scientific studies with control groups have been done on humans other than a comprehensive UCLA study in 2006 on over 2,000 humans that found that marijuana did not cause cancer and may help protect against cancer.

The THC/CBD oil from marijuana leaves has been used to test mice with genetic mutation resembling autism. A study by UC Irvine and researcher INSERM found that mice treated with 2-AG had “dramatic behavioral improvements” in tests for anxiety. THC has a similar chemical structure to 2-AG protein, which is a natural chemical in the brain but can be deficient in cases of fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes autism.

pA young kid in Portland, Oregon named Alex Echols suffered severe autism brought on by tubular sclerosis, in which the child violently abused himself by running into walls. He was unable to communicate his problems with his parents. So his parents turned to the Oregon medical marijuana program for treating him since they found no other options.

The result was that the kid mellowed out, began playing with toys and stopped injuring himself. On February 20, 2013 Alex’s father reported in a blog that his son was “doing really well” following surgery that removed a growth from his brain. He said, however, that Alex wasn’t cured, but the family isn’t giving up on finding the right strain of cannabis. So the jury is still out on whether marijuana cures autism, but more studies will likely follow.

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