Cannabinoids are the active components in medical marijuana that help to relieve pain, inflammation, nausea, and other symptoms. They aren’t exclusive to medical marijuana. However, they can be found in a variety of other herbs and spices.

Natural Cannabinoids

Here are 5 non-marijuana plants with natural cannabinoids:

  1. Black Pepper
    Black pepper is known to contain beta-caryophyllene or BCP. It occurs naturally in a wide variety of plants and acts much in the same way as cannabinoids found in medical marijuana. It also stimulates the immune system.
  2. Echinacea
    Echinacea contains cannabimimetic n-alkylamides. These cannabinoids stimulate the immune system and cause an anti-inflammatory response throughout the body. Echinacea is widely used goldenseal to create supplements that boost and strengthen the immune system.
  3. Kava
    Kavalactones that are found in the kava plant, can produce effects similar to that of THC which is found in marijuana. It relieves pain, minimizes inflammation, and reduces anxiety. Natives of the Pacific Island have used kava for centuries as an effective pain reliever and to help soothe anxiety.
  4. Liverwort
    Liverwort contains two components; perrottetinene acid and perrottetinene that are not only similar to THC but also have the same effect on the CB1 receptors within the body. These effects include relieving pain and anxiety.
  5. Rosemary
    Similar to black pepper, beta-caryophyllene reacts with the CB2-receptors and helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. It has also been proven to act as an anti-depressant. Rosemary can help to soothe anxiety and promote feelings of well-being.

While the amounts of cannabinoids in these plants are rather small, the benefits they produce are still there. Many plants that we use on a daily basis provide similar results as to those produced by the cannabinoids found in medical marijuana.

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