Several studies have claimed that medical marijuana has numerous health benefits. It has proven to be effective at treating over 200 ailments. Many physicians and patients have seen major improvements with medical cannabis.

 10 Health Benefits That Justify Medical Marijuana Use

Here are 10 health benefits of medical marijuana:

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease
    THC helps in reducing the growth of Alzheimer’s disease. THC inhibits the formation of enzymes and protein clumps that contribute to this brain-decimating disease. A 2014 study confirmed the therapeutic effects of THC on Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Epilepsy
    Marijuana aids in controlling the frequency and spontaneity of seizures. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBC may help in reducing epileptic seizures. In a 2017 clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine, cannabidiol (CBD) was also found to be helpful in treating severe epilepsy.

  3. Multiple Sclerosis
    By alleviating pain experienced by sufferers of MS, marijuana gives them a greater level of comfort while dealing with their illness. At the American Academy of Neurology, researchers found that medical marijuana, if taken in the form of oral sprays or pills, can reduce muscle spasms and stiffness in MS.
  4. Glaucoma
    Glaucoma is a disease that may result in blindness. Used since the 1970’s to treat glaucoma, marijuana alleviates intraocular pressure and may help to reverse deterioration. THC and CBD in cannabis help in relieving nerve pain, reducing inflammation, nausea, and vomiting.

  5. Arthritis
    This can be a very painful disease, and marijuana provides excellent pain-relieving benefits for those who have arthritis. There are certain strains of medical marijuana that help with joint pain, inflammation, insomnia, mood, and appetite enhancement.

  6. Depression
    Marijuana provides a less depressed mood and greater positive effects for those suffering from chronic depression. Apart from impacting the mood, certain strains help in insomnia, reducing fatigue, increasing appetite and weight.

  7. Anxiety
    Marijuana works well for easing anxiety and panic attacks. Cannabidiol (CBD) offers substantial benefits to people who are suffering from anxiety disorders. A 2014 study found that marijuana may help in increasing endocannabinoids (naturally-occurring chemicals in the brain), which get reduced due to stress.

  8. Hepatitis C
    Medical marijuana helps patients suffering from Hepatitis C complete their entire treatment regime by helping them endure the side effects of the treatment. It helps alleviate nausea, pain, depression, and loss of appetite.

  9. Morning Sickness
    Marijuana use will help with minimizing nausea, loss of appetite, and physical discomfort. However, it’s best to consult your doctor before taking it.
  10. Cancer
    Studies have found that THC and CBD slow the growth or kill certain cancer cells. Those undergoing chemotherapy benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Medical marijuana can treat nausea, pain, and loss of appetite that result from cancer therapy.

As medical marijuana offers many health benefits, more studies are going on to explore the full potential of this medicinal plant.

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