Guide to Recreational Marijuana Legalization

On November 8, Californians voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. Proposition 64 was approved by a margin of 56%-44%. This proposition will help the US become the largest commercial pot market in the near future. Analysts predict that taxes will generate up to $1 billion per annum for the state of California.

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A medical marijuana treats Bipolar Disorder

Medical marijuana has numerous health benefits. It can help you a great deal when fighting cancer, glaucoma, diabetes etc. It has also shown positive results in treating mental conditions such as bipolar disorder. Chemical imbalances in your brain can cause manic depression which is also known as bipolar disorder. People affected by bipolar disorder may go through extreme mood swings which might be from low to high and vice-versa. These mood swings can last for hours, weeks and at times for few months. People feel mixed emotions at times, feeling happy and sad at the same time. It is not a rare condition; many people in the US are suffering from it. ...Continue reading

Cognitive Function It has been discussed many times regarding medical marijuana’s properties to increase one’s cognitive capabilities. It has already been heard that it can help people from creativity to PSTD. According to a research report by Harvard Tufts researchers, it is indicated that cannabis adds to your cognitive power. It is the power by which humans acquire and process knowledge.

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Medical marijuana Uses

People all around the world really want to know whether medical marijuana is good for health or not. The subject is indeed interesting and it has been a hot topic for discussion for a long time. There is great news that medical marijuana has been legalized in the state of California. In the United States, there are currently 28 states that have legalized medical marijuana, with the possibility of more states following suit.

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Medical marijuana is a term that refers to using the entire unprocessed marijuana plant for treating a disease. Its most popular name is cannabis. Medical marijuana can be used as a possible remedy for the treatment of epilepsy. According to old records, it has been found that marijuana has been acknowledged as a possible cure of epilepsy since 1000 B.C. Around 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy.

Does Medical Marijuana Helps Seizures?

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A Guide to Cannabis Tourism

Ohio became the 25th state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana in June 2016. Now that half the nation respects cannabis as a medicine, it is gaining increasing acceptance as a legitimate form of treatment for various health conditions. Here are ways to use medical marijuana as a tourist.

Travel Plans

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medical marijuana

Over 44 million Americans would grow legal cannabis at home, according to a recent Harris Poll of both gardeners and non-gardeners. Millennials are the most likely segment of society to support growing marijuana if it were legal.

Here are details that offer insight about growing and managing cannabis plants:

Study Findings

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