It has been discovered that Medical Cannabis can treat a variety of health conditions that have devastating effects on the human body. Lupus is one of many chronic illnesses that wreak havoc on the immune system as well as other systems within the body. The healing properties of Medical Cannabis can have a dramatic impact on the lives of lupus patients.

The Endocannabinoid System Within the Human Body

There are genes in the human body that are known as endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors respond to the cannabinoids found in Medical Cannabis. Studies are also being perf...Continue reading

A traumatic brain injury happens when you receive a severe blow or jolt to the head, and this head injury is so penetrating that it disrupts the function of the brain. Itcan also result in short or long-term problems with independent function.Causes of a traumatic brain injury include violence, falls, and vehicle accidents.

Traumatic brain injury can damage other places besides the brain, such as the scalp and skull. Brain trauma also causes secondary injury, which may not show up until days after the injury. This causes even more damage to t...Continue reading

Recent scientific discoveries have once again challenged the federal government’s view that cannabis is a dangerous substance and does not have any therapeutic effects. Here is a look at some of the recent developments involving the topic of medical marijuana.

Marijuana with Alcohol Is a Rare Combination According to recent data, consumers of medical marijuana do not regularly mix alcohol and marijuana together. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also conducted a study, which showed that young people do not mix the two substances together if they plan on driving.

Using Marijuana Stops Opioid Dependence Using marijuana can help improve the lives of opioid dependent subjects undergoing treatment. Research was...Continue reading

The opioid painkiller epidemic is causing a substantial number of drug overdoses. Recent statistics show a record of almost 50,000 overdose deaths in the US, with the majority of those being opioid related. In New Hampshire, this issue is so problematic that it has become the residents’ primary concern, ahead of issues such as the economy. Many lawmakers feel that a potential solution to the problem is legalizing medical marijuana. There is a lot of research to support the idea that medical marijuana should be legalized at the federal and state levels.

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In California, there are very few regulations that pertain to how medical marijuana is taxed during its growth or sale. Many counties and cities have banned the growth and sale of medical marijuana. Although legislators and medical marijuana supporters believe the tax revenues generated by its sale could be in the millions of dollars, it is often being left up to the voters as to whether marijuana based products will be allowed to be sold in certain areas.

Pot Dispensaries Pot dispensaries have been required to pay taxes almost since med...Continue reading

The winter is a season where catching the flu or a common cold may be a regular occurrence. One method to combat this is through drinking herbal tea. Due to increased medical marijuana efforts, cannabis tea has begun to grow in popularity. The tea has shown an effect in dealing with cold and flu-like symptoms.

How to Make Marijuana Tea The process of making medical marijuana tea involves more than just adding hot water to the tea leaves. You can add cannabis leaves to your tea. Adding vegetable oil helps dissolve the cannabis content into ...Continue reading

When you talk about marijuana and medical marijuana with people outside of the system, they often speak about the negative effects of THC. Adverse effects are all some people talk about when dealing with the subjects of marijuana and medical marijuana. The thing is though, alcohol causes many more adverse effects, and that substance is legal for everybody over the age of 21 to buy and use all over the United States.

While more and more people realize the positive power of medical marijuana and marijuana in general, there are still people who think alcohol is safer. Keep rea...Continue reading

Marijuana laws are steadily changing now that pot myths have been debunked and scientists have found that it has legitimate medical uses. A new proposal for the 2016 legislation session in Florida may open the door for terminally ill patients to use medical marijuana. Florida, already enacted a law in 2014 that allows for limited cannabis use for people who have a medical marijuana card. Meanwhile, 23 other states in the United States have decriminalized pot, as the issue continues to heat up across the country.

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Growing marijuana and using marijuana are two different things, but more and more growers are becoming users, and more users are growing their own. While there are certainly benefits to both, you may not be aware of all of them.

This year, follow these five New Year’s resolutions for marijuana users and growers. You’ll have a better, more exciting year with cannabis if you do.

1. Grow your own marijuana for the year. If you’re new to the growing scene, you might need to do some reading and get some help from more experienced f...Continue reading

Medical marijuana is becoming legal all over the world, but many people simply don’t want to smoke it. That’s where edibles that can be baked into food come into play for many individuals who use cannabis.

However, edibles are different than smoking, and not everybody is prepared for the effects. If you’re planning on using them over the holidays, there are some basic tips to keep you from going overboard in your cooking.

When you use the right amount of medical marijuana, a happy Christmas is just around the co...Continue reading