Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana has become one of the most controversial topics of the decade, due to a mix of propaganda and insufficient studies. A common belief about marijuana is that it lowers intelligence, but it’s possible that you are more likely to reduce your attention span and intellect from watching too much television. Here is some evidence on how marijuana use and other factors affect IQ test scores.

Problems with Previous Studies

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Medical marijuana has several medicinal uses and benefits. Marijuana can help adequately manage stress and anxiety, as well as provide maximum pain relief.

By blending the two most potent and active strains, Sativa and Indica, dispensaries providing medical marijuana in Santa Ana can formulate a variety of dosages and strengths to meet almost any person’s individual needs.

Purple Kush

This purple variation is ideal for treating both depression and anxiety. It can also be used as...Continue reading

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is quickly being recognized in many countries as an effective medicine for various health conditions. What is not widely understood yet by the medical profession, however, is why cannabis strains are most effective in treating specific illnesses.

Medical marijuana clinics seem to be more informed about the different strains, but sometimes it is up to the patient to discover for themselves which strains work best.

Here are 6 strains high in THC to consider:

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Marijuana doesn’t cause damage to brain

The Journal of Neuroscience recently published the results of a new study on the use of marijuana in both teens and adults. This article is likely to give added ammunition for the legalization of marijuana as it states that there is no indication that marijuana makes any changes in the brains of regular users.

An Important Factor

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Medical Marijuana Juice

Cannabis has a high content of Cannabidiol (CBD) which is a non-psychoactive, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory nutrient. This makes it a valuable medicinal plant that is advocated by many doctors for treatment of several chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases.

Cannabis is mostly consumed by heating its leaves, which starves you from 99% of its health benefits. The best way to derive maximum benefits of this miracle plant is to consume it in raw form by juicing it.

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Marijuana Vending Machine

Medical marijuana use is common in many states, and as you read this, other places will be working on legalizing marijuana for recreational use along with those that have already approved it. However, we’re still learning a lot about the positive benefits of marijuana and how it might really be even better for some people than we think. Why? A new study shows that people who smoke marijuana may actually have a lower risk of ...Continue reading


Personal marijuana use is a hot topic with both supporters and detractors in conversation. Much of the latest trend is to highlight the misuse of marijuana, while neglecting to discuss proper uses – creating a one sided and skewed perception. Getting rid of this narrow view, as well as exposing the advantages of marijuana are critical for making legalization happen in the near future.

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Marijuana Educational Campaign

With marijuana now being legal in Colorado, the state will be attempting a brand new education program that will help teach teenagers and young adults about marijuana use within the state. So, what does that exactly mean for current residents and what should they expect from the learning program?

budget of $6 million was provided for the brand new education program, the campaign being called Good To Know. The previous education initiative was considered a total flop because of...Continue reading

Cannabis Chocolate Treats

Give a real treat on Valentine’s Day for your loved one with this cannabis chocolates recipe! All you need is about ten to fifteen minutes of spare time and a chocolate mold of your choice. You can get a heart-shaped one or even a marijuana leaf shaped mold as a type of “gag gift.” Whatever the case, these are sure to be loved by your significant other!

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Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Studies on the benefits of medical marijuana have increased in past years as more states consider legalizing its use. A recent study carried out by researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center has revealed a 24.8 percent annual decrease in the number of opiate overdoses in the states where medical marijuana has been legalized.

Researchers used controls in as many factors as they could in order to focus on the differences based simply on the legality of medical marijuana. While they admit more studies are needed to help verify the results, they are confident the results will be repeated....Continue reading