Medical Marijuana

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which affects 40% of the adults in America as per the American Sleep Association. Out of this percentage, 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. Therefore, with so many people experiencing sleeping disorders, there’s been a rise of interest towards using medical marijuana as an effective treatment. That’s because studies have shown that medical marijuana can help people fall asleep more easily with little or no side effects.

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Cannabis Chocolate Treats

Give a real treat on Valentine’s Day for your loved one with this cannabis chocolates recipe! All you need is about ten to fifteen minutes of spare time and a chocolate mold of your choice. You can get a heart-shaped one or even a marijuana leaf shaped mold as a type of “gag gift.” Whatever the case, these are sure to be loved by your significant other!

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Growing marijuana and using marijuana are two different things, but more and more growers are becoming users, and more users are growing their own. While there are certainly benefits to both, you may not be aware of all of them.

This year, follow these five New Year’s resolutions for marijuana users and growers. You’ll have a better, more exciting year with cannabis if you do.

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Medical Marijuana in California

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. On November 8th 2016, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes for adults over 21 years of age. Even though marijuana is legalized in California, there is certain information you should know to avoid any trouble.

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The winter is a season where catching the flu or a common cold may be a regular occurrence. One method to combat this is through drinking herbal tea. Due to increased medical marijuana efforts, cannabis tea has begun to grow in popularity. The tea has shown an effect in dealing with cold and flu-like symptoms.

Benefits of the Marijuana Tea

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Growing Medical Marijuana in California & How to Get a Permit

Growing medical marijuana in California isn’t a big deal! All you need are some marijuana seeds, plenty of light, water, and nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium-rich fertilizers, and a medical marijuana card in California. And last but the most important: some very useful information that will let you grow the best medical marijuana plants at your home – we’ll tell you about that in this blog.

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