The winter is a season where catching the flu or a common cold may be a regular occurrence. One method to combat this is through drinking herbal tea. Due to increased medical marijuana efforts, cannabis tea has begun to grow in popularity. The tea has shown an effect in dealing with cold and flu-like symptoms.

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When you talk about marijuana and medical marijuana with people outside of the system, they often speak about the negative effects of THC. Adverse effects are all some people talk about when dealing with the subjects of marijuana and medical marijuana. The thing is though, alcohol causes many more adverse effects, and that substance is legal for everybody over the age of 21 to buy and use all over the United States.

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Marijuana laws are steadily changing now that pot myths have been debunked and scientists have found that it has legitimate medical uses. A new proposal for the 2016 legislation session in Florida may open the door for terminally ill patients to use medical marijuana. Florida, already enacted a law in 2014 that allows for limited cannabis use for people who have a medical marijuana card. Meanwhile, 23 other states in the United States have decriminalized pot, as the issue continues to heat up across the country.

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Growing marijuana and using marijuana are two different things, but more and more growers are becoming users, and more users are growing their own. While there are certainly benefits to both, you may not be aware of all of them.

This year, follow these five New Year’s resolutions for marijuana users and growers. You’ll have a better, more exciting year with cannabis if you do.

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Medical marijuana is becoming legal all over the world, but many people simply don’t want to smoke it. That’s where edibles that can be baked into food come into play for many individuals who use cannabis.

However, edibles are different than smoking, and not everybody is prepared for the effects. If you’re planning on using them over the holidays, there are some basic tips to keep you from going overboard in your cooking.

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Medical marijuana has been proven to be quite effective in treating the symptoms of many chronic illnesses. The key to its effectiveness is an accurate dosage. People may be under the false impression that more cannabis may be better. The truth is a smaller dose may be more effective for patients who are long term users.

The medical marijuana dosing is inevitably the key to its effectiveness.

What Form Is Best?

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Major breakthroughs for treating various diseases have made headlines at least in the medical industry regarding cannabis oil in recent years. While scientists are just beginning to learn how important this medicinal extract from the cannabis plant is, new discoveries for treating illnesses have accelerated with the decriminalization of marijuana in nearly half the United States.

Here are some of the health benefits related to cannabis oil:

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Since its legalization, medical marijuana has proven itself to be effective for pain relief as well as a variety of other symptoms associated with chronic illnesses. Studies have been conducted over the past several years that prove medical marijuana has significant health benefits when compared to other medications that can cause other issues.

Here are 5 benefits of medical marijuana over pharmaceutical drugs:

No Risk of Overdose

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Medical Marijuana

If you use medical marijuana sparingly, you need to store it properly so that it doesn’t lose its medicinal qualities. You may consider purchasing smaller amounts from a dispensary; otherwise here are some effective ways to store the buds and storage methods to avoid.

Best Storage Places

air-tight box: helps preserve potency cedar box: has efficient preservation qualities dark paper bags: protects against light glass: great protection for long-term storage, especially in a bottle jar with a seal: a...Continue reading

Pesticides are commonly used by farmers to protect their crops from being eaten by insects. Even marijuana farmers are faced with this issue, as a single mature pot plant is valued as much as $4,000. The problem with pesticides is that many of them contain toxic chemicals that could make cannabis dangerous to consume.

Here are some points to remember on the use of pesticides for growing medical marijuana:

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