A Guide to Cannabis Tourism

Ohio became the 25th state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana in June 2016. Now that half the nation respects cannabis as a medicine, it is gaining increasing acceptance as a legitimate form of treatment for various health conditions. Here are ways to use medical marijuana as a tourist.

Travel Plans

First research your travel destination to find out what the state and local laws say about cannabis. If it’s a pot-friendly state, then research what your rights are as a medical marijuana pa...Continue reading

medical marijuana

Over 44 million Americans would grow legal cannabis at home, according to a recent Harris Poll of both gardeners and non-gardeners. Millennials are the most likely segment of society to support growing marijuana if it were legal.

Here are details that offer insight about growing and managing cannabis plants:

Study Findings

The Harris Poll, released in early 2016, found that 59% of adults support legalization of marijuana for medical use. Millennials represent 40% of gardeners who would grow pot if it were legal. Interest in legal pot growing has...Continue reading

Pennsylvania became the 24th state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana in April 2016. Who would’ve imagined twenty years ago that pot would be decriminalized in nearly half of America by this time? While most of the states that have legalized it have limited its use for medicinal purposes, a handful of states have even legalized it for adult recreational purposes.

Here are details why cannabis is becoming a growing legitimate multi-billion dollar business:

Marijuana I...Continue reading

It is beneficial to keep your medical marijuana protected and fresh as long as possible. You should tend to it more than just tossing it on the passenger side of your car — especially because that could prompt a through explanation if you are stopped. Here are four awesome ways to store your cannabis so it stays fresh and fully effective.

Keep it Cool Terpenes (a diverse class of organic compound produced by plants) are very delicate and can easily dissipate if the temperature becomes too high. When this happens, your cannabis not only becomes dry but also loses much of its medicinal qualities. Mak...Continue reading

It has been discovered that Medical Cannabis can treat a variety of health conditions that have devastating effects on the human body. Lupus is one of many chronic illnesses that wreak havoc on the immune system as well as other systems within the body. The healing properties of Medical Cannabis can have a dramatic impact on the lives of lupus patients.

The Endocannabinoid System Within the Human Body

There are genes in the human body that are known as endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors respond to the cannabinoids found in Medical Cannabis. Studies are also being perf...Continue reading

A traumatic brain injury happens when you receive a severe blow or jolt to the head, and this head injury is so penetrating that it disrupts the function of the brain. Itcan also result in short or long-term problems with independent function.Causes of a traumatic brain injury include violence, falls, and vehicle accidents.

Traumatic brain injury can damage other places besides the brain, such as the scalp and skull. Brain trauma also causes secondary injury, which may not show up until days after the injury. This causes even more damage to t...Continue reading

Recent scientific discoveries have once again challenged the federal government’s view that cannabis is a dangerous substance and does not have any therapeutic effects. Here is a look at some of the recent developments involving the topic of medical marijuana.

Marijuana with Alcohol Is a Rare Combination According to recent data, consumers of medical marijuana do not regularly mix alcohol and marijuana together. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also conducted a study, which showed that young people do not mix the two substances together if they plan on driving.

Using Marijuana Stops Opioid Dependence Using marijuana can help improve the lives of opioid dependent subjects undergoing treatment. Research was...Continue reading

The opioid painkiller epidemic is causing a substantial number of drug overdoses. Recent statistics show a record of almost 50,000 overdose deaths in the US, with the majority of those being opioid related. In New Hampshire, this issue is so problematic that it has become the residents’ primary concern, ahead of issues such as the economy. Many lawmakers feel that a potential solution to the problem is legalizing medical marijuana. There is a lot of research to support the idea that medical marijuana should be legalized at the federal and state levels.

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